Sunday, July 15, 2012


CrapcrapCRAP, it's the middle of July?

The first half of the first half of summer is over!

How did this happen??

It's not too late for the "goals" post, right?
The one I do based on the assumption that if I throw a to-do list out there in on the interwebs, I'll have to attempt to stick to it, right?
Stop laughing, damn it. 

Ok, we'll keep it short and vague:

  • Further cultivate and maintain good habits like practice and exercise and pretending the kids' bedtime is not based on my own convenience.
  • Stay on the WW. I hate you, WW. But it's still a good thing - since last summer my husband lost 50 pounds! Me? 20. Not that anybody notices, next to Bob and his carb-incinerating metabolism, but still -  20. (Please note: I eat, drink, make merry, and generally cheat on WW way more often than does my law-abiding husband. I am doing so right now. Wa-ha-ha. I therefore deserve my measly 20. But I still hate you, WW.)

  • Clean whatever messes are bothering me in the house, stuff that I let go to Hell all school year...and leave the rest to, well, go to Hell. Dear coat closet piled high with crap: you are in the latter category, see you next summer. 
  • Recover from last school year; put feet up, sleep late, stop worrying. Because last year I should explain: both of us had new positions, loads of extra work to do and new limbs to go waaaaay out on. Having left his old position in February to head to his 5th district in nine years, Bob pretty much got  the "what I wanted to be when I grow up" job. But it was a big decision and a hard move, mid-year. In my district, my old position had been cut, so this past year I was pretty much used as a highly paid long-term substitute for a Band teacher who had been laid off.  It was a very different hat to learn to wear. Then that person was hired back mid-year, so next year I'm being moved back to teaching what I'd taught previously...all well and good on most ends. But the whole hat-switching experience left me, among other things, wondering what I want to be when I grow up. Now that you mention it - 
  • Figure out what I want to be when I grow up - hahahahaha that's a good one but seriously, I don't even have my Masters' yet.. tick-tock, baby. Not gettin' any younger.
Although I could totally pull off this look.
  • Enjoy my girls. OH, so "check". :) 

  • Enjoy family and friends. :) 'Nough said. Now, this next week is a crazy one, but I believe I have six gatherings or celebrations of some sort. Yes, all in the coming week, and I love it. And I love summer.
  • Keep doing lovely stuff like playing horn and reading and staying up late blogging and (check!)

There! Now make me stick to the list, people. Counting on you!

How about you?
Do you go into summer with specific (or conveniently vague) goals? 

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Here's hoping the rest of the summer stretches out like an American Idol results show.

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