Hey, who's in charge here?

That would be us.

Bob & Meg, established in the official capacity since June 21st, 2003.  We met in our Freshman year of college. BAND CAMP to be exact. We were both Music Education majors at Lebanon Valley College in dear old Annville, PA.
We've been entertaining each other since September 1999.

Bob is a middle school band director and classroom Music teacher.  He likes computery-techy stuff that nobody understands, cooking, gardening, and sleeping.

Meg is an elementary Music and Choral teacher.  She likes reading, blogging, not cleaning, and watching cancelled sitcoms on late night television.

Together we have two (loud, messy, time-consuming, wonderful, worrisome, funny as Hell) daughters.

Max, the dog, also allows us to live with him and bring him his dinner.

Oh, and if we're being completely honest, Meg writes this blog.  Bob just checks it out on Google Reader and flags anything TSFI (too stupid for the internet).
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