Ellie Bean

Ellie, our little E, is a sweet, freakin' moody good-tempered baby who hardly ever causes trouble.  (We stopped calling her "Little Project" recently when we realized that since she recovered from all that medical business, her sister is waaaaay more deserving of that title.) Except for when she gets plopped in the NICU for 3 different issues.  Or gets RSV.  Or needs heart surgery.  That kind of easy, typical baby stuff.  Today, she's NG-tube free, her heart beats like a very expensive drum, and she's loving life and its promises of new mobility. 
E, internal monologue: Crawling: check.  Walking? Pft! I have adults to do my walking for me.
E loves tupperware cabients, board book pages to turn, and string cheese.  She provides the perfect captive audience for her big sister, for whom the show always goes on and on and...yeah.  In addition to learning how truly lucky we are, our little E has taught us  how to not sweat the small stuff.

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