Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To-Do List

No, sadly. These two short months are already speeding by me. Decompression mostly done, now it's time to set some goals.
It's dangerous territory, this.

If I blog it, I have the potential embarrassment of folks knowing my shortcomings, come September. It's like a PIP that you actually have to remember to do stuff for. Oooh, who said that? ;-)

Aside from the chores and activities that would fall under the headings of "Keeping Life Moving" or "Keeping DYFUS Away", my goals for this summer include:

  • Detail every room. Actually move stuff when I dust and vacuum.

  • Purge the toy collection, put away stuff for E or friends. Give baby toys a good wash in Clorox.

  • Update the girls' baby books with photos. This has not been done since Little Project's birth.

  • Transfer all classroom CDs to MP3 format on my computer, entering track info into iTunes *ew*, to be used in the fall on the lovely new iPods the department generously got us Music folk.

  • Try not to get to giddy thinking about toting around an iPod instead of shuffling through the entire CD library every week, plus more on travel days.

  • Find out exactly what the heck is up with my teaching travel schedule next year. Preferably before September.

  • Paint touch-ups around the house. This I should do earlier, to eliminate the need to actually clean and dust walls and baseboards. Painting is way more fun that cleaning.

  • Have my classroom ready to roll by September. (This year, refusing to feel guilty about heading in to get some work done over the month of August.)

  • Give Miss M some artsy-craftsy time with Mommy - this will involve going to a local craft store and figuring out what cute project we want to do this week. I'm thinking Model Magic will play heavily into the equation.

  • READ. Finished a novel last night that I started, no lie, in March. Sad. Just sad. Me, not the book. The last two months especially I yearned to crack it open and get back to business, but either my tossed-about life or addled brain couldn't hack it. I want to finally read Don't Know Much About History, because, well, I really don't. I also want to tackle The Female Brain, and I have two more Philippa Gregory novels waiting patiently on my nightstand. They've been there since Christmas. Beckoning.

I think that's more than I'll get done, but one can dream.

Am I the only loon who sets goals down on paper (or digitally) for the summer?

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