Friday, January 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

Update: the "important" growth scan ultrasound went fine, baby looks good. Oh, yeah, except that she's 8 pounds.
At 35 weeks.
No small baby, and she's not done cooking yet. But healthy-looking for sure. And again, with a big tummy. (Mama's girl!) Actually, babies of diabetic patients tend to have more chub around the middle at birth. Yay.

I was completely made to believe that I'd leave this appointment today at the ATU with either an inducement date or with the understanding that we were going to leave well enough alone and she'll come when she'll come. I got neither.

I also got a new doctor neither Bob nor I cared for, instead of our jocular, slight-southern accent nice guy. Severe-looking, unsympathetic lady who "doesn't like to deliver until 38 1/2 weeks at the very earliest". (Nice doctor man told me 38 would be fine.) What's a few days, even a week? A LOT, in my world, and potentially a lot in Little D's.

I see my regular OB again on Monday, and until then I play the waiting game. Aw, the waiting game sucks, let's play "Hungry Hungry Hippos!" because apparently my regular OB, who told me yesterday "wait and see what the ATU doctor says"...they're actually in charge of this decision. So I have to wait till my appointment on Monday and pray that somebody will make a decision. Will SOMEBODY just please be in charge of me? Please?

I do have a testing option, although I have to discuss this with my regular OB too because God forbid the ATU recommend something on their own. I can have a late amniocentesis performed to check for lung maturity. If she's mature, they'll take her whenever my OB decides. If not, she cooks till she goes over the weight limit of (I think) 4500 grams, or about 10 pounds. At that time, they'll automatically go the C-section route. Although it's a procedure with some risk for miscarriage in early pregnancy, late in pregnancy the risk is just that it'll cause you for one reason or another to have to deliver early anyway...but you may have a baby in there who's too underdeveloped for that as yet.

What's going on?

Don't know. Don't know when I'm delivering, don't know when I'm stopping work, don't know if I want to do this lung maturity test, don't know if I'll even be given the option by my regular doctor. Don't know, and I really thought I would tonight. Phooey.

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