Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker Vol. 2 No. 35

Yes. Yes it is. And growing. Now, I may be in a bad place as far as whining potential goes... I'm coming off a looooooong day of teaching 4 50-minute periods of nothing but Kindergarten Music (nothing you can do to relax and take it easy in Kindergarten) and one session of someone else's 4th graders, which will be followed by another appointment and a non-stress test, which will be followed by dinner and getting Maddie's hair cut tonight while Bob works an emergency fill-in shift running sound at a concert. But I'm going to whine right now: *I'M BIG AND I'M TIRED!* My maternity pants stopped being comfortable about 2 weeks ago. That's where I am.

Cool, can you come out now? I want my little baby! Now! Not really in school mode anymore. Baby mode has struck. I packed my hospital bag (mostly) last night, picked out the "going home" outfit for her - just something simple and I remembered to pick an ample hat this time. (Sorry, Maddie. Nobody thought you were a big-head, we just thought bringing along the smallest hat would make sense. Banshee screaming all the way home was a good punishment for us.) Seriously, if they tell me tomorrow they are going to induce early (and therefore I'd have to leave work a little early) I will probably kiss one of them. Hopefully a nice-looking doctor, but whoever will do. What was I thinking? Working till 38 1/2 weeks? Stupid, stupid Meg. Feb. 5th seems so far away. Especially since until Tuesday when I re-read the paperwork I thought it was February 3rd.

Going to go to the NST & OB appointment in a minute. Yay! Can't wait to see how much weight I've gained. I'm going to put it around 30 pounds, based on my waddle and the fact that everybody keeps commenting on the size of my stomach...and I don't think I even look that big...ok, I do, but a bit of that is still "padding". I've seen girls look bigger! It's just that I FEEL like an elephant on steroids.

Just hoping she cooperates. She's not been moving near as much (running out of room, sweetie? Come out!!!) so I hope they can get a decent heart acceleration pattern on her. Off I go!

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