Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boy Meets Girl Starring Dadddy & Maddie

A remake of the great Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks sketch by Carl Reiner. We love "Free to be You and Me". Gotta push my 70's feminist agenda, you know. And I love Marlo Thomas. The whole book & later the TV special challenged gender roles and stereotypes that were rampant, particularly in children's books and TV - where Daddy was a doctor, construction worker, etc., and mommy was a nurse or didn't work at all. Boys didn't play with dolls, girls of course wanted only to get married, etc. Marlo just socks it to 'em. Love it.

Among other great sketches and musical numbers there's "William Wants a Doll", "Parents are People", "When We Grow Up", and "It's All Right to Cry", the last of these being performed by football star Rosey Grier. Again, love it.

You know that book your kid wants read 90 times to the point where you and she have it memorized? That's this book for us. A dramatic reading:

The original sketch, part of "Free to Be You and Me", some of the best kids' TV ever.

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