Sunday, January 10, 2010

Name Clue #9

How funny that the "rate your parents' originality" application cropped up on Facebook this week. "Megan" got a D- (helllloooo 80's!). We've been thinking of name originality a lot lately!

We are admittedly NOT into trendy names of any sort - they get ruined for you that much faster as a teacher, because you usually have an Emma or Emily in every class. However, Maddie's name was hipper in recent years that Little D's has been. As a matter of fact...

Both Little D's first and middle names have experienced an overall decline in popularity over the years.
So yes, you can rule out Emma and Emily, pretty as they are. Waaaaaay too hip.

1 comment:

Cyndee said...

hmmmm....not finding any biblical names that HAVEN'T experienced a steady decline over the last several decades, so this clue doesn't help me at all! I'm still disappointed that Roberta seems to be out of the running.... :-(

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