Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brief Dialog Scene, and Name Game Clue #10

Meg: "Maddie, you know those letters above your bed? What do they spell?"

Maddie: "They spell MADDIE!"

Meg: "Well, they spell Madeline, yes. Well Mommy went to the store to buy letters for your baby sister's room to spell her name and guess what? They were OUT. They were missing 1 letter of her name from every set of letters they had."

Maddie: "She can use my little letters" (gesturing toward the fridge magnets).

Meg: "That's very nice. What do you think we're going to name her?"

Maddie: "MADDIE!"

Meg: "But that's your name! We can't have two Maddies!"

Maddie: "But I'm Princess Peach!"

Meg: "Oh, that's right. So you're Princess Peach and this baby is Maddie?"

Maddie: ("well duh, Mom!" tone of voice) "And you're Princess Daisy"

*and SCENE!*

We've been asked about this for weeks:

"Did someone already guess one of her names?"

"Is it already on the list?"

"Did anyone get a name right yet?"

Yes. Yes, they did.

:-) Good work, people!


Anonymous said...

Agh! I thought this clue would make me happy. But I just looked at the list. There are a BILLION names on there!!!! Okay,a slight exaggeration but still! Why, oh why did we guess so many names?! I can't wait to meet her, even if her name turns out to really be Zippy Anne!
Nana :-)

Cyndee said...

After careful research, (alright a few minutes on-line) I have concluded that your previous clue stating that the name could be found in both the old and the new testament was deceptive. I believe that what you meant by that is that ONE of the names was in the OT and one in the NT. Therefore, I'm going to stretch waaay back to one of my sister's earliest instincts and say that the first name is Elizabeth and the middle name is something from the old testament.
Oh, and P.S. JUST HAVE THE BABY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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