Friday, January 1, 2010

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 33

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hooray for 2010!
We are going to call this year "Twenty-ten", right? Please?

We let Maddie stay up (i. e. kept her up with promises of screaming and pots and pans to bang at midnight, she asked to go to bed twice) and rang in the New Year in our traditional fashion: dinner out, bundled up on the couch with sparkling something, and flipping channels until 5 minutes before. We watch NY and then we switch back immediately to the local coverage of Penn's Landing. Good show. Then the outdoor noise which we were pleased to see our neighbors take part in as well. New Year, new baby, new possibilities. 2010 has amazing promise. :-)

No, but I'm officially a single chick if you go my swollen hands - can't fit into my wedding rings anymore. My ankles usually don't swell for any reason, even when I waitressed in high school and college and did a few 12 hour shifts on my feet. The morning after I had Maddie they were elephant-like, but nothing counts if it happened right after you gave birth, and I mean nothing. My swollen hands feel like someone else's hands this morning, and you should see all the lovely typos I'm making and correcting.

Yeah, you're bigger than that now, sweetie. I'd be very surprised if she's not 5 1/4 pounds by now. We'll see in a few weeks.

We had our first Non-Stress Test last week, and it went pretty well. They strap two giant seat belts around you with two monitors; one for baby's heartbeat, and one for monitoring your contractions. Then you get a little game show clicker and push it whenever you feel the baby moving. They want to see the baby's heartbeat accelerate for 15 seconds around the time of the movement, and then recover to a base line level. This shows that baby's heart is functioning well and that she's healthy. They're also concerned if you're having contractions too often - not a concern for me. She was obliging with the heartbeat, but we had to wait a while till she showed some good accelerations. Labs, non-stress, OB visit, repeat weekly. (Until 36 weeks, then repeat twice a week.)

Now that we're thinking about January I'm in full-on baby mode. Sorted all the baby stuff on the 30th and it was obscene how much stuff we had and how little I've done in the way of organizing it before. Garbage bags with scribbled labels, mostly. Now all the baby clothes and toys are in see-through bins labeled and stacked in the attic. Going to start washing the newborn stuff tomorrow. Seriously, I get such a kick out of this, I'm going to be giddy folding this stuff. What is it about newborn clothes?

I'm gotten used to the idea of delivering a few weeks early truthfully I like it... which is a good indication that it won't happen after all. It may be the fact that, if all goes to the original plan, I have 4 more weeks of work to put in before my leave starts and for some strange reason I'm not exactly feelin' it right now. (Anybody actually feel like going back to work on New Year's morning?) But who doesn't want to meet their unborn child? Who doesn't want to sleep on the back again? Who couldn't wait to start working out and getting back into the size they were? (I had dropped about 2 sizes pre-baby, so I'm especially anxious. We bought an elliptical machine at a great after-Christmas sale for both Bob and I to serve as a big, expensive New Year's resolution. He had the decency to gain a little weight along with me this time! ) Then there's my wedding rings which I keep missing from my finger and panicking for one moment that I lost. Good times.

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