Sunday, January 3, 2010

Name Game Clue #8

There’s even a musical that uses her name prominently.


Cyndee said...

Maria? Annie? Dolly? Eliza Dolittle? Kim? Juliet? Sandra Dee? Elphaba? Galinda? Lily St. Regis?

Anonymous said...

Mame? Grizabella? Roxie? Velma? Lola? Adelaide? June? Anna? Cosette? Eponine? Dulcinea? Marian? Lida Rose? Christine? Evita? Mary Poppins or Bloody)? Belle? Bonnie Jean? Rosie? Julie? Carrie? Kate?
Love, Nana;-)

Brenda said...

Amaryllis? Nanette? Millie? Mama Mia? Edelweiss? Oliver? Pippin? Dorothy? Christine? Gypsy? Martin Guerre? Aida? Fanny? Gigi?

Moriah said...

I think it's Rebecca, then her nick name could be Becky. Robert-Bobbie. Otherwise I'll go with Elizabeth, then she gets Beth. Like Bobbie. It's time for a B like name because you already have the M.

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