Sunday, December 27, 2009

Name Game Clue #7

A little research inspiration: Not that she's named after them, but she shares a name with the daughter of a favorite American composer, a congresswoman, and a guest star on the show "Doogie Howser, M. D.".
Enjoy your research. :-)


Brenda said...

My searching this evening has come up with only one guess for this week: Elizabeth, even though I don't like to guess names already picked.

I also learned that Henry Fillmore married an exotic dancer-so the research wasn't a complete waste of time, haha :)

Megymelly said...

Innnnteresting. Glad you got SOME education there. Keep trying. Love that you guess every week. Good Ole Brendy.

Anonymous said...

Well, the info I found on Fillmore didn't mention a daughter, and the 16 other American composers I researched daughters' names didn't match other parameters, BUT I did find a congresswoman named Kathryn, AND an actress named Kathryn Layng who played Nurse Curley on Doogie Howser, so my guess this week is Kathryn Anne, with a nickname of Katie.
Nana :-)

Cyndee said...

Ugh! Homework over Christmas vacation!?!?! I never knew you to be cruel, Meg. My research left me frustrated and in tears, bringing back all my wonderful memories of school - how I loved it! I DID see at least one congresswoman named Sarah, and it's an OT name, so that is my guess this week. Sarah Elizabeth. (Not sure about the nickname, Sally, maybe?)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess Zipporah, with a nickname of Zippy, to take care of the Old Testament reference. Also the literary allusion, assuming that it's different from the biblical reference, would be pretty much any book that involves zippers. I'm assuming that there's one close to your hearts.

Cousin Joel

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