Sunday, December 6, 2009

Name Game Clue #4

Clue #4: Little D's name, like her sister's, could also have a literary link. And again, her genre is up for guesses.

*Edit for the poor people we frustrate: "DOES" have a literary link.*


Brenda said...

"Could" have a link or it does have a link?? I don't think I like this game anymore... :)

Cyndee said...

Well, it can't be Nancy ;-) cause that doesn't have that grown-up, professional component. Pinkalicious? Anne of Green Gables? Junie B. Jones? Meg? Jo? Beth? Amy????????

I agree with Brenda. This is impossible!!!!!!!

Megymelly said...

Fine, fine. Give me a break, we potentially have 10 more weeks to get through here, I can't give too much away. See edit on the post.

CaitRenee said...

I'm offended you didn't put my guess of Burrito Chalupa Rodriguez. Also- I'm guessing Liza and Beth, (not Liza-beth-ew).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing up the could/does mystery! But this is MUCH harder this time! I hope the next 10 or so clues aren't so ambiguous! Let's see, in the photo of Maddie, she's reading a Sandra Boynton book. Sarah Leigh? Sarah Lynn? Karen Katz D'Errico? Margaret Wise D'Errico? Theodora Seuss D'Errico? Philippa Anna D'Errico? Okay, I'm going to go think some more! Oh! I know! Louisa May D'Errico!

Love,Nana :-)

Anonymous said...

I ORIGINALLY said Sandra Leigh and Sandra Lynn but Maddie told me it was Sarah. THEN I looked it up, so no Sarah. Sandra.
Nana :-)

Anonymous said...

Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg. Hmm, which little woman? I guess Meg is out, so maybe it's Beth(Elizabeth).

Rebecca said...

Well, let's see...some of my favorite literary characters:
Elsie Dinsmore, Jane Erye and Lucy Pevensie don't really have cute nicknames, so I'll say
Susan Pevensie

Rebecca said...

oh, and I'll throw Paige out there as a middle name because that was on Maddie's list (though not as a middle name for Maddie)

Anonymous said...

Ok, amending guess #1 from Isabelle to IsabellA. Bella is so from the twilight series and though I'm positive you're not naming your child after a vampire loving protagonist, you probably loved the name before Stephanie Meyer turned it into a tween goddess. Still loving Jane as the middle name though - and then you have the Jane Austen connection. Loved this clue :-) Lori

Brenda said...

I'm happy to start an uproar in the game!!

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