Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker Vol. 2 No. 30

Ok, TMI.
Haha! Fake contractions? Too bad I didn't exactly know the real ones when they hit me! So this is Braxton-Hicks nonsense is to prepare me for the "real deal"? I didn't recognize those last time either. They'd ask at appointments if I was feeling any and I'd say, "um...sure!" This time I do realize that that's what's going on.
Hmm, maybe with all this practice I'll actually recognize the Real Deal when it happens this time. Here's hoping! Seeing as I had to be told to go to the hospital several times by people who would know, and then I didn't arrive in time for my precious, precious epidural...yeah, might want more practice. I felt the the need to apolagize to my delivering OB when she came in the morning after Maddie's birth. I have no idea how I responded when she said, "It's too late for an epidural now! You don't need one at this point anyway!", but I have a feeling I was, uh, less than pleasant. I'm sorry, but she was way too darn perky about it! That's not the kind of news you deliver with a happy smile! If I'd have had the strength, somebody could have gotten kicked.
No, really, I'll know I'm in labor this time. I hope. Although I'll still probably hang back and wait to go to the hospital until I'm good and ready, conditions permitting. I don't want to be numbed up too early, after all the horror stories I've heard about the shot wearing off! Plus I don't think I really want one this time around either. I've already experienced it, and I know I can give birth "naturally". "Naturally" being a giant laugh because when there's an 8-pound baby inside you the only "unnatural" thing would be NOT trying to get them out by any safe means necessary. But I know I've done the whole "natural" thing before, and there were some lovely perks of not having had many interventions in Maddie's delivery: I could literally get up and walk around as I wanted to. I could go to the nursery along with Bob and see Maddie get weighed, measured, and swaddled up tight. I had very few restrictions, period. Good stuff. Now, did I feel like a train hit me and then backed up for a second pass? Whoa yeah! But who doesn't? It's not the easiest process. So I'll probably try to have the same experience with Little D's birth too. Of course, this all goes out the window with the need for an induction, C-section, or in the even that it HURTS way more. Yes, I'd love to go natural again, but I'm not a real big fan of, well, PAIN. And then there's the whole need for a healthy kid thing. That trumps 'em all, and plans get changed. But still, it's a goal, conditions permitting. I just have to know that I'm actually in labor, so I can actually time contractions right, and get to the hospital on time... you know, for a change.
...yeah, bring on the practice.

Aw, how cute. I can't believe how much weight babies gain from 30 to 40 weeks.

I cannot wait to see this little girl!!! I think it's so much more meaningful to be pregnant this time, knowing exactly what a baby means to your life. There's a little personality forming in there... along with cute fat deposits. I can't stop wondering who she will be.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to hear you say that (about not being able to wait to meet her!) When you were pregnant with Maddie, everything was all about the baby. Now we all(even you!) sometimes forget all about her, since Big Sister demands so much of our time and attention. I wonder what she'll look like? Is she going to be like her Uncle Nick, placid and easy going,since her older sibling is going to demand even more attention? I even bought her a Christmas present yesterday!
Love,Nana :-)

Megymelly said...

I think (this is just a guess based on her "personality" so far) she's going to be more laid back and less active than Maddie. But she'll be the kid that on the rare occasion that she does get mad, will get MAD. Incredible Hulk mad. Maddie tantrums really aren't that bad. Little D tantrums, I have a feeling, are going to be WAY bigger, though fewer and farther between.

CaitRenee said...

This time, if you go natural, you can share your pain drugs with those around you. Much safer that way, I hear :)

CaitRenee said...

We can't wait to meet her, either!

CaitRenee said...

First name guesses- Abigail, Sarah, Louisa,

Middle name guesses- Anne, Leigh, Lynn.

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