Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 29

What doctor says that? "Good posture"??? I am the posture princess. Ask my students. I drive them nuts, but that's how I do what I do... I've had years of formal voice training and I will tell you right now that there ain't no good posture that will fix baby back pain. Delivery hurts too, as I recall.

If memory serves me, this is only the beginning. You walk a little 8 pound baby out of the hospital door. Then said munchkin will feel like 40 pounds when you heft her across the back seat in her little travel carrier as you try to snap it into the base attached to your car seat. Then there's the diaper bag. Then there's the weird neck angles and arm strain from carrying her around all the time. That was where the sling came into usefullness. Thank God that someone decided to mass market a brilliant idea from third world countries and sell it at Target. (Actually I bought mine and Bob's - oh yes, Daddy has one too - from this really cool work-at-home business mommy who hand-made them, but she sadly went out of business. Miss you, LanePie Slings!) My sling was my life and back saver. Maddie loved it too. And when I visited my school, I got to hear one of my older male students exclaim, "Why do you keep your baby in your purse?" ...Awesome. I hope Little D likes riding in mommy's sling, too, because it sure has heck beat lugging a stroller everywhere.

My back hasn't been nearly as bad this time, I think your body adjusts differently when it's already done the whole pregnant thing before. Or maybe I'm just not pregnant enough to really be feeling it yet. Check back in a month. There are definitely good and bad days. I do have trouble getting off the couch at times, but I'm blaming the butt-sucking couch for that one.

I do still get to whine more, of course. My trouble of late is one I never experienced with my first pregnancy: my eyes are driving me nuts.
Even as I type I'm squinting and blinking and stalling because I don't want to take my contacts out. Problem Number One is (I think) a very bad case of dry-eye, which can often be hormone-induced. I look like a druggie every morning. Or a college student during finals, whatever. I get to explain at school that yes, I do actually wear contacts but I'm wearing my glasses today because my eyes hurt, now stop bugging me and do your morning worksheet.
Problem Two: My eyes are terribly sensitive to light - looking up at the ceiling (and the lights) to put in Clear Eyes for the 100th time every day is blinding. My commute with the morning sun is brutal. No sunglasses dark enough.
And then there's Problem Three: The little matter of my glasses being older than Maddie. Yes, I should have gotten a new prescription by now, but I don't wear them! Usually! I can see if I close my right eye, though! *Sigh of concession.* Ok, ok, going to the eye doctor today. Well it's Thursday and Thursday doesn't seem quite right without a doctor's appointment of some kind!

Aw, you grow, girl! 15 1/2 inches? That's big! Seriously, I look down at my body and although I've definitely got a tummy, I still don't know where I can possibly be fitting all of you in there. Do your eyes hurt when you open & close them too? I bet amniotic fluid is a really good optical lubricant.

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CaitRenee said...

ahhhh! How do i guess a name?! I'm guessing Anne, Elizabeth, and Squeaker. Also Giblet Jr.

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