Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 28

Posting early because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there's only a snowball's chance in pre-heated 375 degree oven that I'll remember on Turkey Day.

Woo-hoo! We have surpassed the Hilton sisters! Honestly, I had to think for a second about who Paris & Nicky Hilton are. My brain cells are focused on other pursuits I guess. Cold shiver. Having two girls makes you fear for occurrences like Paris and Nicky Hilton. Dear Lord, no...
Those two clearly have some Daddy issues.

I think included in every mother's most basic wish list for her daughter is wealth, happiness, and enough general intelligence to outshine the Hilton sisters.

Excellent, my little automaton. Can you help mommy with that whole body temperature regulation thing? Aren't pregnant women supposed to be hot all the time? Yeah, I'm freezing. Icicles off my nose over here. I work in an elementary school that, with the exception of the meat-locker computer lab, would make a convincing sauna. Teachers walk around in sleeveless blouses in November. Me? I go get hot tea mid-day to have something warm in my hands.

On another development note, the growth scan went great last week. Little D was cooperative and sweet. I WILL post ultrasound pics, I swear. This past week was a little crazy. Our little one was measuring right on target, with the exception of her stomach, which was a week ahead this time. :-) To quote Aunt Laura, the baby seemed to "have a food baby". Little D had switched position to head-down, and moved significantly lower. So now I have half the tummy pouch I used too, and twice the, uh, potty breaks, if you catch my drift.

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