Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
We hope everybody has a lovely day of Turkey-Goodness.
Just a few of our many blessings for which we are ever Thankful:
Our beautiful girls, and the joy they bring us daily.
Our loving and funny family; full of warmth, generosity, and just a pinch of bizarre, they are always there for us.
Those bag-clip snappy things from Ikea that have simplified kitchen life.
Fold-down seats in the mini-van.
Healthcare reform.
The Daily Show.
Christmas Music.
Bob's new job, and the ability we both have to go to work and do something we love.
A-1 sauce (this is more a Meg thing).
"Cool Cars" (Mario Kart Wii).
A country where being born white and rich isn't a prerequisite for being president.
Students who practice.
Sandra Boynton books. Ooooh, snuggle puppy of mine...
Weekend mornings spent in jammies.
Mulan, because she can kick the other princess's @$$!
National Public Radio.
Pumpkin Spice Coffee creamer.

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