Sunday, November 22, 2009

Name Game Clue #2

Clue #2 : One of Little D's names appears on Maddie's name guesses list.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm... last list? Obviously, it's either Yar, Zelda, or Gordita! Right? Right?
Seriously,this week's guess is Jennifer or Emma. Or Catherine Laura, with the nickname Catie.
Love, Nana :-)

Anonymous said...

Mom-mom is going with Jennifer Lynn.
One of the nicest grandmoms I ever met was named Jennifer and called Jenny by adults and Mom-mom by her grandchildren. Of course Lynn for her Nana.
Love you.

Brenda said...

Ok. I'm going to repeat my own previous guess and say Abigail.

I'm glad you put a link for last round's guesses, it was fun to read again. (But I think Chalupa was a good guess before too.)

Cyndee said...

Hot-diggity! You're going with Roberta "Bobbie" Anne this time! I knew it was a great guess. You're welcome for the suggestion. ;-)

aunt laura said...

I GOT IT!!! the first name is definitely elizabeth! in that picture of maddie, her eyes are directly aligned with the elizabeths! oooh i got it! other reasons: 1) it has several cute nicknames but is quite distinguished when said in its full form; 2) it's MY middle name, so clearly it's awesome; 3) i just have a feeling about this one dude. now for the middle's probably laura. elizabeth laura. how original!

no really, i think her name is "Elizabeth Caitlin D'Errico."

Shannon said...

Oh I thought the list on the right was the one from Maddie's! Darn, I'll have to come up with something else!

Vicki T. said...

I am having problems coming up with new names I like, since I guessed the 30 I liked most last time! I guess I can put them in again this time, since they weren't chosen-so here goes,, for Thanksgiving week:

Middle name Lynn=pretty and both grandmothers have it as a middle name.

First names:

Peach-that was a fairly common first name in the 1800's-early-mid 1900's

I'm still thinking--back later this week Mom (Thieme)

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