Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Things

We went to Johnson's on Saturday (in the wind, rain, and blowing leaves) and had a really nice time in spite of the weather. This is a little tradition we're definitely going to try to keep going. And if you convince the kid to get a TINY pumpkin, you can get out of the hayride for less than $3! Last year's pumpkin cost us about $25. Yeah, ouch. You ride the hayride out to the apple orchards and pumpkin patch, you pick what you want, and THEN you take it back and find out that it's 79 cents a pound and you picked a 32 pounder! For this year's price, we let Maddie pick an apple of each color too. PS - found out the hard way that Granny Smiths at Johnson's are NOT ripe yet. Again, ouch.

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