Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 22

Really? I'm that bad? Ok, so some students have seen a little more of Ms. Swamp than sweet little Ms. Nelson lately. (Children's lit. reference & philosophical discussion here.) What? Sit down and sit up straight! Stop fidgeting, hold still! Be animated! Do all the motions! Now do it faster. Louder! Drop your jaw. Stand up! Pretend there's a string pulling you up straight and tall. GET OFF YOUR TIPPY TOES! I mean you, STAND UP! Why do I hear talking? There should be NO TALKING. Come on, guys, I can't hear you. Sing out, Louise!

Pfft! Nut job.
Oh good, I wonder if they'll grow as fast as Maddie's. To save my life, I can't grow fingernails that say, "I'm at least a moderately well-groomed adult woman." My daughter? You have to cut them every week, or she goes all wizardly. I cut hers Saturday, and this morning I noticed they need it again. The little scratch on my arm told me so.

Heading to an appointment today. My OB does them every 4 weeks, so I guess this is sort of my 6th month appointment. Although I'm not "officially" 6 months pregnant until Sunday, Heidi Murkoff told me so. Hey look, we advanced forward to the next cute little baby on the ticker! 6 months on the ticker is official enough for me! Whoo-hoo! Pop the champagne! Oh, wait...

Side note: I have to have a form filled out by my OB stating that I am actually pregnant and not walking around with a big pillow under my oh-so-roomy shirt. I go this afternoon at 3:45 to said doctor. Of course I forgot that form. (Did remember the other thing you have to bring to your OB every month - mommies, you know what I'm talking about.) So I drove home during my lunch/prep to get the form. Figured I could grab a drive-through lunch and eat in the car. Then I got home, and realized I had a good hour until I had to teach again! And that couch looked SO comfy... The house was quiet, the rain was falling outside, and it was toasty in there. So I made myself lunch and ate on the couch watching TV and reading a magazine, feet up. Nobody wanted me to do ANYTHING for a good 25 minutes. (Then Max wanted out, but I mind him less than 20 kids at my door during my lunch period for a rehearsal I forgot I called.) What? I prepped! I prepped myself to get up and do two more rounds of Kindergarten this afternoon! It's called a Mental Health Moment. And by God, it was beautiful.

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