Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Videos Are Your New Year's Present

Everybody loves to decorate cookies for Christmas. Nana had the brilliant idea of doing rice crispy treats instead; much less mess, just press candies into the gooey goodness!

This, here? Our proudest moments are parents yet. No lie.
This is the video from St. Paul's, Christmas Eve (pictures in previous post.)
This is actually the 2nd song she "lead", the first one was even better...but we were beside ourselves laughing. So next year is is a definite yes for the pageant again. We'll talk to her about standing with the other angels next time. This year was amazing, best Christmas gift from a 2 year-old possible.
*Edited to add disclaimer: Bob wants me to mention that he knows his singing of the bass part of "Away in a Manger" is - to quote him - "horrible but I was trying not to laugh"*

We went to Gettysburg, and at a Christmas party at Grandmom & Pappy's house, Maddie found the toy piano in the upstairs guest room. The face she makes right at the beginning...oh the face!

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