Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008 Pictures

Christmas Eve at St. Paul's. A friend sitting in front of us asked if Maddie wanted to be in the pageant. Sure, dress her up like and angel, she'll get a kick out of it. Who cares if she gets scared and doesn't want to go up, it'll be cute..., know what's cuter? When she goes up, dances around in front of everybody, conducts the congretation singing "Away in a Manger" and applauds them at the end. That's what cute is all about. We were never more proud. (Video to come.)

This was our first real experience with Santa. Santa kept in mind that Maddie had a lot of books and then decided to get her about 10 more anyway. And cars. Oooh! And more puzzles! Santa had trouble staying in budget, but Santa had a blast. Maddie understood enough to have fun; "Santa bring you presents if you're a good girl." We spent the day at Nana & Pop's and had more fun over there.

The 26th, we traveled to G'burg and had Christmas there. Max is a very good sport about all this, particularly since Meg's mom has a (vengeful and bitter) cat. Still, a good time was had by all. Except the cat.

We had a Christmas dinner party at Grandmom and Pappy's, and the cousins and 2nd cousins were there. Maddie bonded with some family, we caught up with people, and most importantly, there was clam dip.

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