Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coloring Requests

We've grudgingly returned to the grind, only to anticipate our routine-change tomorrow when bob starts his NEW JOB!!!

So he has exactly one evening to transition from elementary band, elementary general music, middle school band, middle school general music, study skills, character education, current events, and community service teacher TO high school music technology teacher. Sounds good, doesn't it? Wish him luck, it's a big undertaking, but amazing in its timing and opportunity for actual job satisfaction.

I'm back to work and co-teaching a fun dance unit with my friend the P. E. teacher, and preparing for a big ole elementary concert in early April. We're doing an Earth Day theme - any ideas for tying 'going green' into a concert that uses tons of extra paper and SO much extra electricity? Suggestions welcome.

Maddie started talking more and more often over break, if that was possible, and we now pretty much chat back and forth with her constantly. Sample conversation:
Mommy: "What did you do today?"
Maddie: "Ah wanna, you wanna go on a walk with Nana...and Maddie!"
Mommy: "Oh, did you take a nice walk with Nana?"
Maddie: "Yes! Ah wanna take a walk and take Nana and take Princess Peach along!"
(Yes, people, my daughter knows who Princess Peach is. Child of children of the Nintendo era, after all! She was particularly taken with her while watching Aunt Cait play Mario Kart on the Wii.)

And then there's the drawing. She's not particularly artistic herself, she draws lines and circles and things that look like they might be triangles and squares in her world. But what she really wants is for YOU to draw her a picture. And don't worry, she'll let you know what the picture will look like.

Maddie: "Wanna draw a picture. Wanna draw a picture of a Bounce U!"
(Please note: She has not been to Bounce U since November. But it's mentioned daily.)
You draw a picture of the red and blue bouncy rooms of Bounce U.
Maddie: "Uh wanna draw a picture of a cool car!"
You draw a car.
Maddie: "A cool car! Put Princess Peace in the cool car!"
You draw PP in the car.
Maddie: "Princess Peach drive in the mud!"
You draw brown muck under the car.
Maddie: "A Princess Peace all done in the cool car."
At this point, she expects that you'll take PP out of the car, leaving the car sitting empty, and she'll get to see PP next to the car. Due to the laws of Crayola physics, this doesn't happen. We usually scribble whoever is "all done" out and start over.

Yesterday evening she asked me to draw a picture of a "yellow steam shovel holding the orange balls from Bounce U!"


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