Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm apparently a party animal. (I can live with that.)

The best thing about taking online quizzes while you really should be folding laundry is that you're NOT folding laundry. Ooh, perhaps that indicates why I got the results I got here. Something about "messes"? Click on "The Mommy Quiz" link to see how you'd score, mommies (or daddies), and share if you want. It's quick. Oh, and the column is too narrow for all the text of the results here, but you get their drift; I'm wild and crazy. Clearly. Although I should point out that I'm tied with the "Zen Mommy", too. Eh, either way, the laundry waits.

The Mommy quiz
created with
You scored as Party animal mom

You are a Party Animal Mom. Your motto is something along the lines of "life is a party" so you make sure to live up to that assertion. You are the queen of fun birthday parties, and the neighborhood kids love being over at your house because you aren't worried about little messes and loud noises- heck you even join in the fun!

Party animal mom


Zen momma


Military mom


Do-it-all Mommy


Stay-At-Home Mommy


~ Meg

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