Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NEW Family Blog

So it occurred to us, thinking about expanding our little family eventually, we'd need to rename the blog. One day, "Baby D's Blog" wouldn't cut it. Eventually.

Then we hit this summer; Maddie grew like a weed, outgrew her need for a crib and high chair, (the "big girl bed" and "big girl/special chair" have been a hit) and she started really climbing on everything. Running, jumping, dancing, reminding me more of my Kindergarteners than I'd care to admit. All of the sudden she was at big playgrounds climbing up big stairs and going down slides - big kid slides! And now, eating with utensils. Actual forks and spoons. And let's not even mention the fact that she pretty effectively brushes her own teeth. The other day I found her in her room, in the rocking chair, with her taggie and paci and book, and she informed me that it was "night night time". How did this happen??

We realized that we can't even pretend to have a baby anymore. She seems to have skipped a lot of toddler stuff (although the tantrums she's into). We have a kid.

So we really can't have a "Baby D's Blog" anymore. Besides, although they are parent-themed, I tend to wax philosophical on my posts here a bit anyway. Not so much 'baby' stuff anymore. So it's now the family blog.

All the sidebar stuff from the old blog is there, to the best of my knowledge. I've linked to the old blog on the side, and you can also find old blog posts here. Hope you long-distance family and friends (and those who see us more often, of course) don't have any trouble with the new digs here. Please email or call me if you have any trouble reading this or can't find something you'd like to see from the old blog. Enjoy!

~ Meg


Anonymous said...

Love the new blog! Which isn't to say that I hated the other--it just "grew up"! I especially noticed the extremely green background. It kind of reminds me of our first attempt at painting the kitchen of your Vanderbilt Ct. house! Love, Mom :-)

Brenda said...

I enjoy how the picture of Maddie goes so well with the "How did this happen" question. Yes, I'm sure you planned it that way, and I noticed. You're welcome. (And if you didn't plan for her to have that look with that question, well pretend you did.)

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