Sunday, January 22, 2012


Festive, not frantic, right?

I proclaim Christmas 2011 to be 'Procrastination Christmas'.
Yes, I'm aware that it's almost the end of January and I'm doing a Christmas post. 
What? This is a tale bullet list of procrastination and adjustment.
Sorry, THAT is how we roll at La Famiglia.
Ok, hear me out. In the month of December...
  • We had more than double the usual performances, including a few on the same days/nights.
  • I took forty-two 4th and 5th graders to sing in a big mall in the big city. And I was sooooo not ok with me being the only certified, authoritative body in a sea of hyper kids and a few very patient mommy chaperons.  
  • I finally settled into teaching what I'm teaching for the year. Why'd I take so long? It's a long annoying story. Of course the first week back in 2012 we had to fill out forms requesting what we want to teach next year. 
  • Speaking of, hubby interviewed for and was offered a new job in a new district - he'll be leaving his old everything-music-teacher job soon to be a Band Director. This is his 5th school district in nine years. But, nine school years and five districts later, he finally gets to be what he wanted to be when he grew up.
  • E got 5 teeth and the sweet disposition of a baby getting 5 teeth to match that. Lots of plate-hurling at dinner. Keeps your reflexes fast.
  •  M tested the limits of Santa's "Nice List" in new and dangerous ways.

This resulted in the various ways I slacked off, let things go, screwed up, and had a really awesome Christmas despite/because of it:
  • My big kid went to school in carefully selected pajamas, with a beautiful little bow to match... a week after her school had PJ day. She was absolutely thrilled. 
  • I received many lovely teacher gifts, more than ever...and yet managed zero hand-written thank-you cards to my lovely students. I did send emails to parents. To some. Yes, I still feel bad. Especially when I use a new Dunkin Donuts gift card. Bless you, children.
  • Turns out Miss M did NOT have school the 23rd.  Oops. Missed the opportunity to buy and send her teacher the traditional teacher gift. Which, being teachers, we should know is very nice to receive. Nothing to do with greasing the wheels at all! We planned to send a New Year's gift the first day back. Oops.  Maybe for Valentine's she'll get a nice "sorry we missed Christmas" gift card. If we think of it.
  • I used to do 99% of the Christmas shopping myself. This year? Most of our shopping was done online, by my husband. And he did a really good job.
  • In past years I started the Christmas shopping the day after Turkey Day. I always had a budget and a spreadsheet, thanks to the hubby. The year I was pregnant with  Miss M I had it all done before she was born (3 days before Thanksgiving.) This year? I ordered our last Christmas present to family on January 2nd. 
  • Our elf-on-the-shelf moved every night last year, observing Miss M and keeping her on her toes. This year? "Mommy he must be very comfortable up there, he hasn't moved since last week!"
Oh yeah, and we had an awesome Christmas. Emergency stops for teething rings, and all.

I fully intend to slack off as least this much next year. It was beautiful.

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