Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That and a dollar will buy you a cup of...

Having come out of the I. T. closet last summer, let's move on to a favorite poison:

So I rushed around a bit this morning, but I finished my first cup (and by "cup", I mean giant mug that holds what my coffee maker thinks is about 3 cups) while checking email. In my hurry out the door, I poured myself a thermos full, at least another 3 cups worth, with some cinnamon bun creamer. Not having a real chance to drink it till much later in the afternoon, I enjoyed my still hot coffee around 2:30 or 3:00.

And here it is, 11:30 PM, and I'm still going strong. This is a regular deal for me, sleeplessness. Then, like many, I pay the next day. Darn you, coffee!

Not being one of those people who can have a cup and a little later, have a good night's sleep, I wonder: Should I just give it up? 
Crazy talk!  
Perhaps try to better regulate when I have it, cut myself off at noon, for instance?
But at 2:30 in the afternoon, it's only 2:30 in the afternoon! Bedtime is so far away, and there's nice warm coffee that tastes like a Cinnabon in my thermos...no dice.
My favorite mug holds 4 cups, while we're counting.

Let's not get into the headaches, the cravings, the last-minute stops at Dunkin Donuts that have admittedly made me late for work.  I, a 5AM waker on the weekdays, have actually gotten up earlier than I had to on a Sat-ur-day, to make myself a cup; I had to cure the headache, then going on my merry, sleep-deprived way.
Oh, and please don't mention the word "decaf". 
That's kind of like saying "Tofurkey" at Thanksgiving.

It's funny stuff, this wonder-drink. Coffee has many health benefits, but it messes with us so.

It's been proven to help with diabetes, but many in the diabetic community swear it off because it visibly messes with your blood sugar, day to day. I know it messed with mine. I loved it anyway.

Many of us girls cut it out completely when trying to get pregnant, because we're cautioned by our obstetricians. To quote my OB, "If caffeine has been linked to miscarriage at any level, why have any of it?" I did not partake when pregnant with Miss M. I waited till the 2nd trimester with when pregnant with E. I'm not made of stone.

It's also good for those seeking antioxidants, concentration skills, and let's not forget those trying to enjoy the experience of downing a Cinnabon without actually driving to the mall and consuming 700 calories.

It's my headache cure; my warm, comforting cup of happy familiarity.  

Who's with me?

Forgive the massive wide-screen video messing with my sidebar.
It's all in the name of...

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