Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Mystery of Life

On a one-hour road trip with both dear daughters, hubby is at work for the day:
(Paraphrased in sections, my memory is sometimes sketchy.)

M: Mommy why do some people not have two grandmas?
(We actually do still have both grandmas, except we don't call either of them "Grandma", despite the greeting card industry's insistence that we obviously should have.) 
Me: Well everybody's families are a little different.  Everybody has lots of different people in their family.
M: No, I mean, do some peoples' grandmas die?
(Oh.) Me: Well some people's grandparents are in Heaven, yes.
M: Oh.  *Silence* For how long?
Me: Forever, sweetie.
M: But they weren't always. Like I wasn't always in Heaven, I came from Heaven and I was in your tummy and then I was born.
(Oh, boy.) Me, wondering where this new theory came from: Ok, yes, but God kind of decides when people are going to be born and when they die.
M: When did God decide I would be born?
Me: *SMILE* On your birthday!

M: Does God tell you that, like when the baby's going to be born?
Me: Yep, you definitely know when the baby's going to be born.  Unless you're Mommy, and then you swear up and down you're not in labor cause it doesn't hurt that much and miss your chance for an epidural.
M: What?
Me: Nevermind.
M: And then WHERE do you go?  You go to the hospital to get the baby out of your tummy? Is that where you go then?
Me: Yep.
M: Did you know it was time for me to go into your tummy?
Me: Uh, sure! Hey, look, blueberry bushes!

M: Oooh! ...Mommy? ...where were you when God decided to put me in your tummy?

Me, totally copping out: Hey, I have Capri Suns, who wants one?
M: ME! Can you get the straw?
Me: Next traffic light, I'll get the straw.

(A few miles later)

M: Ok, when does God think I'll die?


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. Her little mind is so packed full with questions, thoughts, and ideas, isn't it? She amazes me! And good save with the juice box diversion! (You do realize, don't you, that she WILL revisit this topic again?) :-)
P.S. Aaaand,don't you dare tell her to "Go ask Nana!"

Vicki T. said...

We always tried to do that "tell her the truth, but only in a way she will understand and (not freak out) and not any elaboration or details that are not needed until she one day, hopefully later on, asks for more detais. Besides, kids usually find out EVERYTHING they want to know, the truth and the myths and lies, too, when they get to SCHOOL!

Vicki T. said...

P.S. You can always ask HER (before you have to answer) what made her think of asking that--and the explanation of how she got there is often so long and convoluted that she forgets she wants an answer. Or you could find out that one of her Sunday school friends or preschool friends from last month talked about a grandma dying. You know your daughter-she thinks of things that happened ages ago and remembers later and asks questions, when every other child around would have completely forgotten the event by then!

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