Sunday, June 26, 2011


... does Wegman's have to be so expensive and far away? I'm experiencing a physiological need for their humus. Now.
... do I bother picking up the toys?
... am I just finding out about Vitamin String Quartet now?

... do the mosquitoes ignore my husband and feast on me?
... can't I go back in time and tell myself that it'll all work out and to just chill? And to get a hairtcut.
... do I get this awesome family, these wonderful kids and hubby? Seriously, was I really good in another life? Love it.
... is reality TV so popular, other than mass schadenfruede?

... do I bother corraling the toys into neat little bins in other rooms?
... am I lucky enough to have such good friends as the friends I'm lucky enough to have?
... do I slather sunscreen on my children, thinking fearfully of my own father's melanoma, and yet forget to wear it myself? Ouch.
... are the toys multiplying like rabbits?
... does Max wait to go ask out at the back door until the minute I sit down?
... does Google come up with the most off-the-wall completions to questions when all you've typed is "Why"?
... did I not notice that I was clearly stung by something big and horrible (this is no mosquito bite!) until after I was done power washing and the merciless itching started?
Nasty thing.

... have I not fully appreciated the simple joys of coloring, splashing, floating, play-dohing, reading, painting, baking, sleeping, talking, and playing... in months?
...can't it always be summer?

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