Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cut your freakin' hair, and other guidance for my 16 year-old self

I cruise the mommy blogs, political blogs, time-wasting blogs, etc., when I have time. Like once a month when I should be sleeping. I came across this amazing topic to get the blogger juices flowing:
Tell your 16 year-old self what you wish you'd known then.
Help a girl out.
  • Well first of all, it's called hair product. Gel, hair serum, leave-in conditioner, whatever, and it will change your hair and life, in that order.
  • As will chopping most of it off and getting layers. Good Lord, the massive frizz triangle you are sporting!
  • The boyfriend, though a nice guy, is not the best investment. You would do better to hang with your girls more, read and write more, and be comfortable enough in your own skin not to worry about the social ramifications of calling it quits with somebody who is ingrained in your circle of friends. Stop worrying about everybody else's feelings. You've got the stones to be fine on your own.
  • Read your American History book really well, because soon you will know all about the fish hook formation used in the battle of Gettysburg but you'll have no clue what was up with Korea, Vietnam, or Desert Storm.
  • You laughed, but Bobko was right: turns out there is life outside of central PA.
  • Star Trek is cool. Wait, you know that now. Star Wars will become cool again, too. Just wait. Those action figures under your bed? Don't take them out of the package.
  • Get back to piano lessons now.
  • And while you're there, learn to play without sticking out your tongue in deep concentration. In a few years a very small professor is going to pass you on the piano proficiency but embarrass the crap out of you in front of the panel.
  • Take your graduation savings bonds and buy stock in Google. Or these things called mobile phones.
  • You are allergic to sunscreen with PABA in it. Just a heads up for band camp.
  • Speaking of, band is about to get more socially acceptable thanks to this movie American Pie that's probably not even in production yet. Not that you care how cool band is. Because band is always cool.
  • Classes at G'burg college during senior year of high school = good idea. See if you can get into Music Theory I instead of the Music Fluff-n-Stuff courses that will be suggested to you.
  • Because initially, you're going to suck at Music Theory in college. Here's a scary preview:
  • Oh but WAIT, then you're going to meet this amazing guy who rocks at Theory and he'll offer to tutor you and...yeah ;-) well...
  • Your kids will be beautiful.

What would you tell your past self?
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Julie G. said...

- On the hair care topic: yes, yes, and yes. Stop tearing at the tangles because you're giving yourself split ends. Don't EVER brush it dry. Gel and scrunching works wonders. And for god's sake, get yourself to a salon and have somebody cut some layers into it. (In fact, I wish I could tell my 26-year-old self that too.)

- On friendships and popularity: Stop putting people into little boxes and assuming that they don't want to be your friend because they're some perceived type. There is absolutely no reason to assume that people won't like you.

- Staying in your shell is ok. Coming out of your shell is ok too.

- Take your voice lessons a little more seriously, willya? And don't waste two years of college with that bad teacher because you didn't want to hurt his feelings by leaving. Go right for the one who knows what he's doing.

- Music didn't have to be recorded before 1970 to be good. That said, keep a healthy dose of the old stuff in your diet.

- Regarding singleness: I know it feels like you're going to be single forever and no one is ever going to love you the way you want to be loved. But hold on, sweetheart, because it will happen, and it will be amazing. And in the meantime, keep dreaming and keep your lovely romantic spirit, because your dreams will stay with you forever.

laura said...

haha i love this! so cute!

Anonymous said...

These were great, Meg. Are you SURE you didn't want to add "Help me mother more with all of the cooking and housework" and "take those wet towels off your bedroom floor"? Guess not... One can only dream--but you were a great, talented, nice, albeit fizzy 16-year-old. But remember--there were others who were frizzier!

Megymelly said...

I now totally understand the wet towel thing. Sorry.

Julie, no wonder we were friends. :-)

The hair problems alone...

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