Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Playing with Paper Dolls

Thank you, Buzzfeed!  Until the Disney empire finds out and sends the take-down order...I stumbled upon a website with which you can turn yourself into a Disney Princess-esque beauty!

Completely up my older child's alley, right?  Well honestly, I can't decide if I should introduce this to Miss M or not.  On one hand, it looks amazing, it's beautifully done, and the combinations are endless. The Handsome Hubby has rehearsals or tech crew gigs every night this week; I could use the diversion this inevitably would  become for my princess-obsessed tot.  WHEN do they get over the princess thing? Well, look at all the nuts going NUTS for the royal wedding.  Soooo... never?

What a fun online toy!

On the other hand...talk about your mixed messages, your objectification of women, your...you're going against everything I strive to one day teach my daughters about body image and self-acceptance!  Choose Body 1 for "severely emaciated", or choose Body 2 for "she hit the Tastykakes, but she's still skinnier than Barbie".  Remember, women only have one of these two bodies.  

The princess's boobs are another story; disproportionately large and in charge (we are talking about the online paper doll's, not Kate Middleton's).  Yep, my girls could aspire to those, given their genetics.  Atta girl, Princess Busty Le Roux.
Oh, and make sure you throw in a heapin' helping of lace-up corsets in the wardrobe options, too!
Ok, if lace-up corsets were a) any degree of comfortable and b) any degree of socially acceptable...I'd throw one on.  Cause that's pretty hot and this Mommy's body wasn't "Barbie" BEFORE these two kids.

Hmmm...Taking another look:
OH, the hair choices.  The color-coordinated accessories!  The ability to make a Belle look-alike with green hair!
This could be love.

Yes, we may be playing onilne paper dolls tonight. What? I'll get out the real paper dolls tomorrow, I swear.  What I find so deliciously ironic is that in college I used the beta version of that South Park character creator to make just about everybody I ever knew, complete with eye patches and hands flipping you the bird.

Funny how you see everything in a completely new light when you're looking through the eyes of a mother.

Go make yourself Disneyfied.  Share 'em if you can.

Click below:
Princess Maker at dolldivine.com

Oh, and here's Princess Meg.  She's a little Gaelic/Celtic/Gorgeous. And she's got body #2, for the record.

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