Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Things... I get: 
  • happy, especially when in close proximity to dark chocolate, my family, or free time. 
  • Jon Stewart.
  • excited about stuff like new AV equipment at school.
  • futility: why put away the toys that will just find their way out again 10 hours later?
  • in-service; last week's workshops and NJEA were fun, refreshing, and with the exception of 45 minutes looking at Sam Ash's website, informative. 
  • over the election quickly.  
  • that NASCAR is just louder, expensive HotWheels for grownups.
  • sleep, but I'd still like more.  
  • the need for more road construction in New Jersey.  I just don't see why it seems to want to follow me around. 
  • time to read more, now.  Ah, that's better.
Things... I don't get:
  • freaked about state budget crisis stuff. Yet.
  • Reality TV.
  • Christmas Trees up on November 9th.  Seriously. 
  • the "who's" and "whose" thing.  I've been taught, and yet, always, I screw it up.
  • the guy in traffic who flies up the shoulder past all the cars in line and thinks some schmuck will let him in.
  • the schmuck who lets him in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

whose- possessive who
who's- contraction for WHO IS
Question- WHOSE concern is it? English/most teachers
Who's the dork correcting people?
A future teacher

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