Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with Paintshop Pro - New Blog Header

Not that anybody visits the blog anyway, since I haven't exactly been faithfully updating. It's all the fault of facebook and instant updates as facebook notes - but I felt it necessary to include our little E. in the blog header. So I finally got around to opening up Paintshop and get to work. Cause I have SOOO much time to play around with Paintshop...seriously fun though.

I'm quite proud of my work, if I do say so myself. Thank God for public domain clipart!

FB readers visit HERE for the real deal. Seriously, I'm proud here. This involved multiple layers and many different windows open at once!


Anonymous said...

Was that a Freudian slip when you called it "PainShop"?!
Mom ;-)

Megymelly said...

Ha! was just late and my IQ drops by the minute after 10 PM. :-)Fill fix.

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