Sunday, January 24, 2010

Name Game Clue #11

Naming your own kids is a little rough when you teach several hundred students a year. Any teacher will tell you what name has forever been killed for them, by whom, and why. Of the hundreds of kids we’ve taught since we started out in education, there might have been one or two who share our little girl's name. However, they've been nice girls who haven't ruined the name for us, so a big THANK YOU to them. Despite the general absence of our daughter's name from our class rosters, our little girl's name IS in the Social Security Administration's top 20 girls' names for 2008. (The 2009 list isn't out yet.)


Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY confused! Emma and Emily are off. I'm guessing Madison is, too, 'cause that would just be silly. despite Maddie'sinsistence a few months ago, it's not Chloe.We have several Samanthas in the fam so that's off. Addison (Addy) and Maddie? No.Mia would fit the musical catergory but Bella and Mia live next door. Ashley, Alexis, Alyssa are not Biblical. Ava and Ella don't have nicknames (do they?) Maddie's best girlfriend is named Sophia, so I'm guessing that's out. Sarah fits a lot of the catergories, but as Bobby is a big nicknamer, how do you nickname Sarah? Olivia does fit the literary catergory but I'm thinking no. That leaves Natalie, Abigail, Elizabeth, and Hannah. All beautiful names. I'm going with either Abigail(Abby) Anne or Elizabeth(Ellie) Anne.
Nana :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, Nana knows best so I won't guess anything. But you'll have to excuse me if I laugh if it IS Elizabeth Anne: that's my stepmom's name.



Cyndee said...

I'm gonna go for Sarah, with the nickname of Sally!

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