Friday, December 18, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 31

No, but I'm wondering why she sucker punches me every now and then. This little sweetie is so much calmer than her sister, I get lulled into a false sense of security. Then BAM! She either has a heck of a good soccer leg or a fabulous right hook because OWWWWW. Maddie never did this to me. Well, not until she turned 2 1/2 and got an attitude...
I really do think this kid will be my calm, rational one. Then when she's a little older and you cross her the wrong way...there will be fire and brimstone.
Her hits are often waaaaaay over on my side where I wasn't quite sure I was even housing a baby. Ba-BAM! But you know what? We are clearly growing a strong kid here, and that's an awesome thing.

Heh heh...yeah, she may be at that stage already.
She was approximately 4 pounds 13 oz. yesterday, by the ultrasound estimate.
Little D and I had a growth scan yesterday (amongst many other obligations, hence the Friday blogging) and as it turns out, she's GROWN. She was measuring at 33-34 weeks. 2+ weeks ahead of schedule.
This is usually not a concern. But, with diabetic patients, an over-large baby may mean that "the child isn't tolerating the diabetes well" (don't ask me exactly what that means, that's a quote from my specialist.) It could also mean absolutely nothing other than I'm carrying a bigger baby. Many diabetic patients are induced early to avoid the baby growing too large for a safe delivery, or to avoid other health complications like pancreas malfunction and...well, there's a whole slew of stuff to avoid. When they get too big, specialists will automatically order a C-section for you. So the ATU doctor told me that they'll monitor her closely with the multitudes of non-stress tests that I've already scheduled, and look at her growth again in 4 weeks. At that point they'll make a decision about her due date. I'm supposed to "be prepared for the possibility of delivering at 38 weeks." "Normal" people just naturally deliver at 38 weeks all the time! 38 weeks for me is January 31st. No big deal!
Until I remember that I'm supposed to be working until February 3rd. And - oh yeah, by the way - as I understand it, there is no sub lined up for me yet. I haven't heard anything official about the sub they had lined up having fallen through, but this was concert week for me and chances are nobody dared to speak to me because of the plumes of smoke coming out of my ears and the cloud of dust spinning in a circle where my feet used to be. I have heard that they're back to looking. Yay. There's also the little detail of my poor principal being out since Monday with baby problems of her own of a much more pressing nature. Not going to be bothering her. Her replacement comes in next Tuesday. Going to be bothering him.
So we'll see.
Why is little D a little big? Aaaaand enter Diabetic Guilt. Here we go: My first assumption was that this is in some way my fault. My blood sugar numbers were not what they should have been last week. The ATU docs were just a little concerned, asked how I was feeling last week. I told them I was sick as a doggie and still working through most of the week, plus there's that whole concert/Christmas/life-not-stopping thing that kept up with me too. They assured me that my numbers would be better this week, which they were. A1C measured last week was a 5.6, which is up a little, but still out of diabetic range. ATU doc was happy, not even adjusting my meds.
There's also other reasons that my doc offered:
  • I married a big guy, I am not a small girl, we are not going to have tiny children.
  • Little D is a 2nd baby and often they're bigger (less constriction?)
  • 30-31 weeks is when babies like to have growth spurts, and they could tend to jump ahead and then level off, hence the next scan meaning so much to my due date.
  • Dumb luck.
Ok, he didn't mention that last one, but the way my week has gone, I have to include it for karma's sake.

Other things:
  • It had better not snow NEAR what they say it's going to. Dad is flying in tomorrow night late and doing a lot of driving too. We were going to G Boys Saturday afternoon to visit Santa and do G Boys Christmasy things. Wal-Mart will be a mob scene tonight and they don't give you line-jumping passes when you're just doing regular shopping, not Christmas or Snow Panic Shopping.
  • Concert is over and the show itself went WONDERFULLY. Could not have asked for a better night performance, the kids performed beautifully (and did not make me want to employ professional cattle wranglers beforehand, as in the past). The clean-up and other picking-up-the pieces things are getting done. Slowly.
  • I have my last Chorus meeting today, probably for the rest of the year. It's our party, where we watch the concert video, sing along loudly, and pig out on junk food. Then we usually work out way through my Christmas carol book singing like drunk barflies on Christmas Eve. Our lovely Band guy is doing my Chorus for the Spring season, and although I'll probably come to the first rehearsal in January to hand things off to him, it'll be his show. *Sniff sniff* I will miss these kids. I won't say a thing about behavior, but they sing so well. They were beautiful!
  • A million things. Seriously, if didn't exist, I would have crumbled into heap on the floor three weeks ago. Gotta go get checking things off.


Anonymous said...

I hope she's born in February for many reasons, one of which is that an amethyst birthstone is so much prettier than a garnet! ;-)
Love, Nana

Megymelly said...

I thought of that. I mean, she might look nice with a red stone but what if she's born with my red hair? Redheads can't wear garnet red! Oh, the horrors of clashing one's birthstone with one's hair! ;-)
Seriously, I would MUCH prefer her to stay in there till at least after Groundhog day.

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