Sunday, December 20, 2009

Name Game Clue #6

In honor of the joyous holiday this week, a biblical clue:

Old Testament. And New.
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I've got it! Orpah Ann! Jemimah Ann (and her nickname would be Pancake, or Flapjack!), Magdalene Eve! Seriously, though, this week's guesses are Abigail, Hannah,or Sarah for first names,and Anne or Eve for middle names. Although it could still be Elizabeth Ann(e), with maybe Ellie as her nickname?
Love, Nana :-)

Cyndee said...

Salome Eve. (Sally, of course!)

Brenda said...

Okay some new names hopefully. These go for either the first or middle name because I don't have any idea what clues go for which name:
Ruth, Esther, Eve, Delilah, Rebekah/Rebecca, Rachel, Mary, Martha, Sarah, Leah. Gloria. (so that was what the angels sang and she wasn't a person back then, but it's a name now and it's cool to have people sing your name at Christmas, just ask my mom)

Some guesses to make you think, who would ever name their kid that??? Beulah, Bathsheba

And this week's absolutely ridiculous guess: Deuteronomy

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