Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I Mean, Ticker: Vol. 2 No. 27

No, this I actually like. Call me a prima donna, I like the attention that baby brings. Of course, nobody has tried to touch my stomach yet. Remember the rule - you touch mine, I touch yours. Wait, that warrants a "Dirty!" ala Lorelei Gilmore. You know what I mean.
Pregnancy is an easy topic of conversation. Particularly because more than 90 % of the adults I work with are women, and I'd wager 75% of them have kids or want them some day. BOOM! Instant conversation piece, wrapped in a maternity top.
The "How ya feeling?" that I get from almost literally every teacher who drops their cherubs at my door is very sweet, in my opinion. Love you guys. "Good, a little tired, thanks." Hmmm, 7 months pregnant, working full time in an elementary school, full-on concert prep mode in addition to regular duties, lessons and bell choir, and let's not forget the tenacious 3-year old at home. Tired? Hahahaha! I look at my friends with more than 1 kid at home and wonder how much Dunkin Donuts it takes to get them moving every morning.
But then there's the preggy perks of late - I can sit down at Bells rehearsal and not feel like a giant wuss. I can also sit while teaching and tell myself that it's good for me to get off my feet some time during the day. I can say, "Wow I'm tired." and get the "well of course you are, you poor thing!" response. I have the feeling that my physical state has probably been inquired after more recently because - oooh! Another chance for a Gilmore Girls reference, ready? - I look like crap on toast. What happened to the great pregnancy hair I had with Maddie? Poof! Red afro! Giant dark eye circles, have to wear the glasses some days because my eyes are rebelling, nose is running constantly, and will somebody PLEASE make a pair of maternity pants that will stay up on me??? What kind of sick joke?
Honestly though, I never get tired of being asked that question, and I hope my other pregnant colleagues don't mind my inquiries either. Besides, we're already IN New Jersey, and I look like Elaine Benice doing the Elaine dance when I try to kick anything.

Growth scan today. Behave yourself, kiddo.

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