Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let the Name Game begin!

YAY! 27 weeks! The 3rd trimester is here! Start the countdown! (And yes, many sources list the 3rd trimester as starting on week 28. They are clearly wrong, because our ticker source and a few other books and sites have us there NOW... and whatever option is more fun is the obvious choice for what's "right" in this case.) It's NAME GAME TIME!

History: Aunt Cyndee mentioned at a long-ago (3 years ago) Crab Day that she knew a couple who played a clue guessing game so family and friends could guess their baby's name. We thought, "genius!" and of course started coming up with clues that night. We had a ball teasing people for 12 weeks with Maddie's name possibilities. Last time's winner was Maddie's Nana, who guessed the First-Middle combo Madeline Rose.

Here's how the guessing game works: Every Sunday night from now until Little D makes her debut, we'll post a clue here on the blog. Because the blog posts are automatically posted as notes on our facebook accounts, the clues will appear there as well (with a slight delay, usually). You can reason and riddle (or just guess because COME ON, how long have you known us!?!?) and post your guesses as comments on the blog. Or, you can add comments on the facebook note and we'll take care of posting the facebook name guesses to the blog. You can guess first names, middle names, or first/middle combos. Guess as many times and as many names as you want, and don't hesitate to guess something that some one else already guessed, if that's what you're suspecting too. Oh, and don't whine yet if the clues are "too vague". We have MONTHS left here, we can't have you guessing it YET! Or can we...

Clue #1:

We both hold the philosophy that a girl should have a name that is versatile. It should lend itself to a cute nickname when she’s just a little kid, and later seem professional and mature in its full form, you know, for when she's signing contracts in her law practice later. Unlike Maddie's name & nickname, which we both loved equally, this name/nickname combo was a compromise and source of significant debate between Bob & Meg.

Guess away, and check back.



Anonymous said...

Talk about VAGUE!!!!! Okay, this week's guesses are:
1. Katherine/Katie
2. Elizabeth/Lizzie
No middle name yet!
Nana :-)

Cyndee said...

Well, since you mentioned my name RIGHT NEXT TO a sentence with the word "genius," in it, I'm going to dive right in by guessing my own name. Cynthia is very sophisticated and Cindy (or Cyndee, or Cyndi, or, well, you get the picture) is very cutesy. And I'll go with Jean (like her Nana) for a middle name.

Uncle Sterling guesses Eleanor (Ellie for short, which would be awesome 'cause it would be like you're naming her after our cat!)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, fun!

So far we're both guessing...


and your dad is guessing...

Shannon said...

Ok, so I came up with this name weeks ago and so far it works:
McKenzie Lynn (Mac or Kenny for short:)
You'd have Meg, Maddie, Mac, Max and Bob (maybe you should change Bob's name too?!?!)

Shannon said...

George says Latisha. I don't think he's taking this seriously.

Rebecca said...

hm, well the first thing I thoght of was Penelope/Penny but I also love the Elizabeth/Lizzie/Beth suggestion (or Elisabeth/Lisa).Of course I'll throw my own name out there: Rebecca/Becky (or Becca). That's all for now!

Brenda said...

Can you tell us if this is a real name or some random thing you made up like Februaria?? (You know, because she's to be born in February.)

How about Ramona (because Raymond is a boy and her nickname can be Tug!)

Vicki T. said...

I really nice party yesterday. We really enjoying coming. Grandmom nd Pappy; however, have come to the conclusion that doing it in one day is too much for them. We needed a hot meal--all of us just ate breakfast at 8:30 and then lots and lots of lovely junk food and cake. So after we stopped about 8:00 for dinner, we got home about 10:40. And, for right now, with the new back problems and the knee replacement needing to be to be totally redone, surgically, I won't be able to come down and back on one day again either. i hate to miss things, but it is too diffficult physically and Pappy can't drive in the dark (eyesight problems) and we don't let Grandmom frive AT ALL!

You really had lovely decorations and everything planned out nicely.
And I love playing with Maddie, being with you all.

OH--and my name guesses for the week:

I like Elisabeth, Melissa, Camryn (Cammy) although now that I think of it, that rhymes with Grammy ! So I guess that woulnd't go. Marissa, Elena, (Laney), Laura Caitlin or Caitlin Laura, Andrea Lynn, (two grandmothers with Lynn middle names), Leigh. I guess that's enough for now. Mom

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