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Lullabelly: Music to Your Baby's Ears:
My first response to this ad was: "That's pretty cool! How much?"
Wow, we mothers will buy anything, won't we? Aaaaaaannnd step back a minute.
Really? I will admit to trying headphones on my belly when I was pregnant with Maddie. But seeing as I'm a general Music teacher, and I sing for a living...my kid #2 gets a good bit of music in her life right now. I pronounce this product 20% cool idea, 70% shameless marketing to fretful mothers, 10% excuse for Daddy to buy another gadget. And a $55 way to get the crap kicked out of you from inside. Credit to Geekologie.com for the post below. ~ Meg

OCT 26 2009The Lullabelly: Music To Your (Baby's) Ears


The Lullabelly is a prenatal (I love those vitamins!) musical belt that pregnantwomen can strap on and connect to an MP3 player so they can play tunes to theirbabies while the little tykes are in utero. It's supposed to make them smarter or something but it will probably just make them want a drum set when they're young and fill your house with cacophony and make daddy drink more (I say go for it).

There's a volume control dial so things don't get too loud as well as a pocket for holding your player, and the whole thing is machine washable, after you take out the easy-to-remove speaker of course. It's available in 3 different fabric patterns (pink, green or blue polka dots) directly from theLullabelly website for $55.

Pregnant women are beautiful, aren't they? God, sometimes I wish I could experience childbirth. But not as a father -- as a mother. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Did I get anybody? You all know me too well.

Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt [ohgizmo]

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