Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

Why do they do these things?

This morning I took a 1/2 day (more like a 1/3 day) and headed to the ATU for the marathon "discomfort" that is a fetal ECHO cardiogram. Basically a ultrasound specifically of Little D's heart.
Diabetic pregnant women get this routinely because there is a higher risk of heart defects amongst diabetics, although the risk returns to normal if the mommy keeps her blood sugar under control. Hence the evil low-carb diet.
Originally a specialist from CHOP was coming, but they ATU hired an extra fetal cardio-ultrasoundy type person, so Dr. Marianne NiceLady was my buddy for a little over an hour instead. She was very nice (whereas I remember the specialist from CHOP being very cold and not the least bit chatty. I like my ultrasound people chatty.)
Dr. NiceLady explained every thing she did: "This is the baby's left ventricle. This is the flow of blood through the umbilical cord. This is the blood flow through the baby's central cerebral artery." ???
Then about 1/2 an hour in her steady rhythm of wand movement, typing, and talking stop. "Hmmmm....uh-oh....", she says.
I hadn't been paying close attention because there was nothing discernible to see. (This is of her heart, not HER. And the table is softer than usual. Ahhhh...)
Dr.'s eyes narrow.
For the love of God, WHAT?
She leans very close to the flat-screen monitor and bites her lower lip.
"Um...everything ok?" I manage to sound calm. I'm still proud of my good impression of a woman who's not at all in panic mode.

"These monitors have horrible resolution here."

Why. Do. They. Do. These. Things?????

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Anonymous said...

OMG! How awful! I wish people would think of what they're saying BEFORE they scare others half to death! Hope the rest of your day goes better!
Mom :-)

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