Friday, August 21, 2009

This Week's Sarcasm, I mean, Ticker - Vol. 2 No. 14

Ha! No, no no no no. Not if they know what's good for 'em. And please! Skinny girls have a cute little mini-bump at this point. Me? I'm just looking like I put a few back on. I won't look "pregnant" until I'm well beyond half-way done cooking here...and this time, I'm weirdly fine with that. Honestly though, the last time around there was nothing more socially odious to me (short of people touching my belly without prior notice) than being told I didn't "look that pregnant." Seriously? Oh, well maybe I goofed and I'm really just having a heck of a long case of the flu. Or maybe I'm just "a little bit pregnant", like on the First Response commercial... and holding. The first time around I had a very hard time adjusting to the fact that when you're pregnant you are wearing an invisible sign that says "analyze my body size, please! Don't you have a comment about my waist line you'd like to share?" (Waist line? Wait, I have a waist line?) The "extra padding" comes in handy when I take a little foot to the gut while swimming, anyway.
What's funny is that with Maddie I was so happy to be "looking pregnant" that I hopped into the maternity clothes as soon as possible, and cursed myself for not doing dozens of sit-ups beforehand so I'd have a flat stomach that could then get all cute and pouchy. This time? Thrilled to be pregnant, way more than before, but appearance? Couldn't care less. Maternity clothes? I'm betting on how long my normal jeans will hold out. Especially since most of my old maternity stuff is two sizes bigger than I would wear this time anyway. Eh, we'll make it work. Maybe I'll just go to work in sweats... who wants to analyze a baby bump under a giant sweatshirt anyway?
Felt baby kick last night! Miraculously, from the inside, and out. (One kind of confirmed the other, and the occurrence of the little "ba-dump" I felt on both sides was so cool.) Once or twice today, too. Cute little thing is already doing calisthenics. Go, kid, go!
~ Meg

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