Friday, August 28, 2009

This Weeks Sarcasm, I mean, Ticker: 15 weeks

Cookout, anyone?
I find this comparison of baby genitalia to traditional cookout food so funny...and really gross. Maybe it's the whole grilling aspect of it that belongs nowhere near a baby, I don't know, it's cute but slightly weird.

Having been out about this pregnancy for many weeks now, we've been asked countless times about our gender preference. I just finished watching the entire Gilmore Girls series (because I wanted something of substance for my "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay), so I thought I'd throw in a little Pro-Con list, Rory-style. My apologies to anyone who hasn't seen the show. Your homework is to go watch it.

Actually, we're just going to do pro-pro. Con seems a little mean. Let's start with the girl list, because that's what I'm feeling...probably because that's what I already have and I had 20 weeks of my previous pregnancy to think "her" thoughts:

  • Maddie would have a sister, and every girl should have a sister. Those like my sister and sister in-law are quite a bonus, but in general sisterhood is such a help.
  • Repeated clothing and let's not forget those girly toys that I originally (naively) forswore and now think are damn cute. Tools and trains my daughter really digs, of course, and every little boy needs a kitchen set too, but for the most part, we already know where we stand, toy-wise. And I'd get to see those little outfits that I sadly packed away as she outgrew them one by one.
  • Two words: Matching. Dresses. Yes, I am that corny. I remember being 9 and thinking it was awesome that Cait and I matched.
  • I will be the first to admit that I have no idea what goes on in little boys' heads. I've spent 6 years in Elementary, and I have watched so many little boys do so much stupid stuff for reasons I can't even fathom. Little girls do stupid stuff too, often meaner stuff. But little girls, at least I know their motives, underhanded as they'll be. I can speak to that. (Except for the book-flusher of 2004.) I'm not going to say that I like my female students better, because I've had some awesome little boys over the years. But for the most part, my favs have been girls. Yes teachers have favorites, please! So I feel like I might understand and effectively parent a girl better. Maybe. Until she turned 12 and ate me alive, but I have that coming to me.
  • I love Love LOVE our girl name.
  • There's that One-Of-Each thing that everybody seems to think is the thing to strive for. Especially since this kiddo is IT for us.
  • In my (again, naive, but well-meaning) efforts not to pigeon-hole my daughter into Disney Princess material, I did get her a lot of unisex clothing, especially in the beginning. Good luck finding anything bigger than 9 months that's unisex. But that, combined with my generous friend's offer of her son's outgrown wardrobe, clothes wouldn't really be an issue either way.
  • Having and raising a boy of my own would probably help me get into the little boy "head" a little. No brothers, one cousin 10 year younger than me who's a boy, that's all I've got. Sounds weird, but while any kind of parenting experience helps you become a better teacher, a son might really help me out in this department. I can't wait till he grows up so I can interview him about the purpose behind professional wrestling.
  • It would be something different; different from how I grew up, different from what I've expected, just different. And I've always liked different. I'm not looking forward to the first hypothetical time I forget to cover him up during a diaper change and get a nice shower, but hey, I like to learn new things!
  • Oh, and I love Love LOVE our boy name.

Soon isn't soon enough for me. Our level 2 "anatomy scan", otherwise known as "the big ultrasound"is scheduled for September 24th. ~ Meg

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Anonymous said...

That comparison is weird. And gross. And wrong....just wrong!

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