Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking Back the Guest Room

*Oh my Lord I spelled "guest" wrong up there! Typo! 7/29 edit*Ah, taking back another room of the house. This has been our "upstairs guest room" when we're referring to it in front of "people". In our own little circle, it's the "crap room". But soon, it will be Maddie's room. Because we get a kick out of home improvement of this type, and because we're pathetic freaks when it comes to blogging all things, here we go:

Bob primered everything, and then painted the ceiling something that could be considered white, instead of ???

We used the *Dr. Evil finger quotes* LA-ZER level to create a straight line. Then I used another highly technical device to create the sine wave pattern (construction paper oval to make the squigglies). Despite the posed look, I actually was working, I swear...

Then - the reveal! Maddie was very excited to help out.

Strawberry milkshake anyone?

Dig her duds. Even painting, she's stylish. She really had fun painting, too. Then she brushed up against the wall and turned a pretty shade of pink. Bathtime.

The pink is done. Disclaimer, Maddie did not do most of this, though she wanted to.

And, the reveal for the other color: vanilla milkshake, anyone? Actually, "vanilla milkshake" is the fancy paint name of our kitchen color, which is pretty much light yellow. If I got a vanilla milkshake this color, I'd send it back. Who are are we kidding, I'd order chocolate, of course...

My cutie, having conquered his arch nemesis. (I wonder if his scars still burn, Voldemort-style, whenever he climbs a ladder?)

And, our work for today. Mostly Bob's. And since we were on strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate milkshakes, can you say "HELLO saltwater taffy"? The red accents are coming. Bob thinks the sqiggles look like castle turrets, which is cool because it's a whole fairy tale-themed room. (God bless Ikea's children section.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Cape May Zoo with some friends from work and their kids, but I look forward greatly to coming home to the 2nd coats being done, if Bob gets his way with the rollers. More to come.

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