Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home Improvement II

Ah, even that is so much better than the nasty puke-purple carpet left in there. Who puts in bright purple carpet? (Then trashes it to no end, but that's a minor detail.) And what looked like 30 years of dirty sand underneath was nice to purge too.
The room without the carpet looked soooooooo much better. We were a little worried that we should have gone a shade lighter on the colors, everything looked to intense. Then we took out the carpeting, and suddenly the colors made sense. We had actually wondered what color the walls had been, since the whole room had a purple-rosey sheen. The walls, it turned out, were white, with some special effects by the crazy carpet. With that realization, we were relieved, and very happy with the colors after all.
And the accent color reveal: It actually dries darker than this. But don't think I didn't panic when we opened the can to find this organey stuff. "Should we get another color? Should we just forget the red? Since when is "Burn Red" actually bright orange?"
Using a cheapo kids' paintbrush we found in Maddie's art stuff, I spent about 3 hours yesterday in this position. I have pretty steady hand, as it turns out. No artistic ability, but when you're tracing a line, that's a-ok.
Maddie woke up from naptime to this lovliness: "Ooooh! Look at the squiggly!"
The room with the squiggly, sans-carpeting.
This is how you rig a clock radio so you can listen while you rip out carpeting.
Today, the trim gets it, and gets it good. The house is completely trashed; how does redoing one room turn the entire house into a war zone? In addition to the ladder, paint cans, tool boxes, and all the accessories to this shindig, there's all the displaced toys that were in that room. Then those toys multiplied like rabbits. And all the furniture from that room had to go somewhere... I was originally just going to live with it till next week when we're done and we can move everything back in and really reorganize things. Now, next week is looking pretty far away and I'm not I'll make it. Tripping too often, I guess. We're a little concerned because the home improvement genius who was the the previous owner clearly installed this trim after the purple carpet was in, and put it up pretty high off the floor. We're hoping the quarter round will cover the gap between the flooring we're putting in Saturday and the trim. Otherwise...???


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Whoop!
Mom :-)

cyndee said...

Oh, thank God! When I saw the first set of pictures I wondered about the carpet...
It looks SO CUTE! Love the "squiggly!" :-)

Tara said...

Adorable! I'm so impressed by your steady hand. I'm really looking forward to the "after" pictures!!

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