Monday, February 2, 2009

Beware: Sick House.

So Bob was congested, tired and achy on Tuesday and Wednesday. We had a snow day Wednesday, so he didn't have to take off work - snow did that for him. Thursday I came home feeling sick (but work stuff might have had something to do with that - UGH!) Friday I came home after a rougher than rough day and was NOT feeling good. Saturday & Sunday I was feeling rotten, fever, chills, snot, the whole nine yards. And Sunday Maddie started sneezing, sniffling, and in general, being a crank. I'm home with her today. It would have been a sick day for me anyway, so now it's a double-duty sick day. Thanks to children's Ibuprofen and a solid cold, she's been out for over an hour. You forget when you have a kid that suddenly your sick days are not your own. That's fine; she usually doesn't stop moving long enough to get in more than a few hugs a day...and now she's mopey and sniffy, but content to flop on your lap for all of "Martha Speaks".
Good trade off.

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CaitRenee said...

I hope you guys are feeling better. Are you going to Gburg? Cause we are if you are.

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