Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Years Ago Yesterday...

...was my first official day of maternity leave. My floors were slippery from dusting spray, and I had fuzzy socks on. And a giant baby belly. And I slipped, fell, and landed flat on my stomach (because falling on my well-padded tush would have just been too lucky).

And the kid who never stopped moving, who re-arranged doctor's schedules because she wouldn't hold still for ultrasounds, who did the cha-cha all night long...stopped moving all day.

So my doctor had me come in to the hospital for "observation", which was supposed to be a quick heart-monitor check and ended up being several hours hooked up to non-stress test machines and a giant belt that was more fashionable than it was comfortable. Because Maddie liked to mess with us back then.

Thank God she was fine, falls happen all the time to pregnant women, and pregnant bodies are for the most part able to handle them fine. But MY kid had to be the one to patiently wait hours, evade the heart monitor, and then jump around, as if to say, "fooled ya!"

This might have been our first clue about her interesting sense of humor.

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