Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay and Nay

Because I like to end on a positive note, the NAY'S go first:

  • Bob's stupid school is stupid. Anybody hear of any band openings, let us know.
  • The economy is tanking and they keep talking about "American families will have to cut back." Um, many of us aren't exactly out charging flat screens to our Master Card here, we're debit-carding groceries. How much more do we cut back?
  • This election is NOT going the way we thought it would. Debates should be interesting tonight.
  • Meg has 5 more rehearsals to throw a winter concert together. Holy no-time-to-rehearse, Batman!
  • Apparently you often have to add "super-human patience" to the low-carb diet and nightly exercise and medicine if you want to lower your blood sugar. Nobody mentioned the months of patience. That's the hard part.
  • We have a designated time-out spot in an unused room for Maddie, just like you're 'supposed' to have. Maddie doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Must modify time-out so child actually cares that she's getting one.


  • Bob fixed the dishwasher by ordering a $28 part and installing it himself instead of calling the repairman.
  • We love this weather and the leaves look beautiful. And Maddie is getting over her fear of leaves slowly but surely.
  • The potty training is making slow progress. She's right a lot more of the time when she says she has to use the potty. Had some more success!
  • Meg's school life is good, new programs are working nicely and are well-received, and ensembles are sounding pretty good.
  • Electric bill is down from last year this time. Yay for conservation. Line-dry!
  • We had off Tuesday and we'll have another day off next Thursday, so YAY for more Maddie time.
  • The fall is full of lots of fun weekend activites; fall festivals, friend visits, family visits, our reunion at LVC, and Maddie birthday time!
  • Our little pumpkin looks awesome in her Halloween costume - Halloween cards to come.
  • The Fisher Price house is still a huge hit and now every little person is somebody. Bob is the bald green guy, Meg is the blonde child. (Nana is the orange man in the cowboy hat!)
  • Maddie talks, sings, dances, and thoroughly entertains. The end result of all this is that you easily forget about all the Nay stuff.

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