Friday, October 10, 2008


So we've been internetless (Is that a word? It should be) since Wednesday afternoon. And frankly, it's getting to me.

I feel so disconnected. Not to mention the giant pile of email that all but spilled out of my inbox this morning when I got to work. Took me 45 minutes to answer all my personal and work mail! I had to call Bob's mom yesterday to ask her to look something up online for me. Thank God for my building's wifi network!

This is the internetless life. So there may be no posts this weekend. :-( I'll miss my blog's me-time.

Verizon is going to call "within the next 24 hours" just so they can set up an appointment to come out and fix our DSL. They have no idea what's wrong, but Bob was on the phone with them for a ridiculous amount of time yesterday and Wednesday. In the meantime, we'll be researching Comcast prices... in vengance.

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