Saturday, October 11, 2008


In our 5 years of paying internet service providers, we've gone:


There were moves, there was service availability, there were price comparisions...there was flip-flopping.

We've been on Verizon's DSL for a while now. It's slow.
It wasn't working Wednesday. Ran all the diagnostic stuff they could and determined that it wasn't a problem on our end. After much phone time they said they'd be out to fix it Friday. Friday they called and said, "someone will be coming on Monday." When Monday? Do we need to be there? Why aren't they coming when they said they would? (Naive, aren't we?)

My specialty is calling customer service reps and sweetly laying it on the line. Don't worry, I don't make anybody cry. I just use the words, "unacceptable" and "competitor's superior service" a lot. So I called Verizon and told them we wanted it fixed when they said they would fix it. We were offered 30 days free. Nope. Get out here and fix it, I have Comcast on the other line and we'll have their service before noon tomorrow if I say the word. How about 60 days free service? 60 days of bad service? No thank you.

So we're back online, and we're back on Comcast. We're flip-floppers. We're also cutting our landline soon. We have this stupid hum and interference and we've done so many checks at the test jack - and the problem is on Verizon's side, not ours. We'll let you family folks know when we ditch the landline number, should be very soon. Cells only from then on. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.


Thomas said...

We thought cutting the landline was a good idea too until we learned that if you dial 911 from a cell, whoever picks up on that end has no idea from where you're calling, so it takes time to verify your location which is not a good thing if you're in a situation where you need a quick response. So we reinstated our landline.

Your videochat should be clearer now with cable.

Glad you're back online!

Megymelly said...


What's this now?

Ok, having serious chat about the benefits and risks of this. I guess the GPS in cell phones don't help?

Thanks for the info, this is now thought-provoking.

Heidi R. Miller said...

Yes, please look into it--better safe than sorry. There have been a lot of articles about how people have called 911 from their cell phones--they might know where you are but they have to reconnect you to your local services. With a land line, you're automatically connected to your local police/fire dept.

We pretend like we don't have a home phone--we don't give out the number. It's just there for peace of mind. It costs $17 something a month and for me it's worth it.

Heidi R. Miller said...

Here's a good article on the issue though it's CA specific, it may be true for NJ.

Okay, I'll zip it now. ;)

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