Friday, October 24, 2008

We're no longer bumming radio!

Bob is giddy as we speak.

What makes a 28 year-old music teacher grin?

Getting a WHYY Radio Bookmark USB device for becoming a member of our Philly National Public Radio station.

What does this thing do? You're listening to the radio, and you get to your destination or get a phone call. You push the button, and when get to your computer, you plug it in and it automatically brings up a website where you can listen to the story again from where you left off in the story. Bob is psyched. So we joined.

We're both addicts, it's the end of the pledge drive (that makes all regular listeners groan and strain to find another NPR station in range), and we figured we can afford the $10 a month. And we feel guilty, since we love the station and the coverage. I actually understand most aspects of the curent financial crisis, for instance. What are the odds of that? And besides, WHYY TV is where Maddie gets her Sesame Street fix. And Super Y. And Clifford. We get good stuff from these people; we're definitely not a "no television" family (despite our Amish cable), though we don't watch a lot of it. And this way we know our daughter's not watching the junk food equivalent of TV. And we've gotten so used to NPR that we absolutley can't stand it when commericals come on regular radio stations. Radio Button Thingy aside, I think it's worth $10 not to hear the "1-800-MY-LEMON" jingle over and over and over.


Heidi R. Miller said...
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Heidi R. Miller said...

Yay for becoming a member! That USB device is super cool--my station has never offered anything like that, All I've ever gotten are tote bags and license plate frames.

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